Maintaining the forum

F-Droid’s forum is powered by Discourse and maintained by volunteers.

This page is the central place where all information needed to maintain the forum are stored.

General information

Here is some general, non-sensitive information about our instance. When setting up the forum, we followed the official installation guide. Posts from the old forum were not imported due to time restrictions of the voluntary administrators.

  • Installation type: docker
  • Installation directory: /var/discourse
  • App configuration: /var/discourse/containers/app.yml
  • Version: tests-passed (planned to switch to stable)
  • SSL: Let’s Encrypt


Upgrading the forum is quite simple. It is always announced at least 15 minutes beforehand in a dedicated maintenance log topic in the forum. Upgrades are planned to be done every one to two weeks. If you feel like there was an important update to Discourse which should get deployed earlier, feel free to suggest that in the topic mentioned above.

For administrators, this is the common way on how to upgrade the forum:


In case something goes wrong with the forum, stay calm, you’re likely not the first to be affected by this. Mostly a quick internet search gives you detailed instructions on how to fix a problem. There is also a really good guide called Advanced Troubleshooting with Docker on Discourse’s forum. In the past, the following instructions were helpful:

Rebuilding the container

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app